Avic Logistics Co., Ltd.

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      Avic Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, is a member of the China aviation industry group, the business scale of more than 8 billion. Company formerly Ministry of Aviation Industry Bureau of goods and materials in 1951 along with new China establishment of the aviation industry, dozens of years working in the aviation industry needed raw materials, ancillary products and equipment supply and support the work of, the construction of the national strategic industry, improve aviation products supporting system, to provide integrated supply chain integration services for the aviation industry research and production.

      Company is centralized purchasing professional units designated by the China aviation industry group company, is a new equipment manufacture coordinated air units. Sixty years, the company has always been adhering to the principle of "aviation of patriotism, the motherland prosperous common people", develop and make sure that the aircraft main material required for scientific research and production of form a complete set of share, aviation oil and domestic aviation aluminum procurement share reached 95%, air bearing with special steel, aviation, imported aluminum, forging procurement share close to 40%, Boeing and airbus subcontract logistics service comprehensively, advancing a large logistics, contract logistics, electricity and other projects.

      Our Company has ISO9001 quality system certification, certification of c-tpat counter-terrorism and AS9120 certification and other professional qualifications, with avic classified business consulting service security qualification, is the standing director unit of China federation of logistics and purchasing. Company has railway operator, for management and storage and transportation permit, refined oil wholesale operations, steel import and export franchise, automobile import and export rights, Shanghai borrowing enterprise credit grade evaluation class A qualification. Company catic snatched international logistics co., LTD., is currently only a qualified logistics transportation security defence system certification of transport enterprises.

      And our Company owns the most complete defense industry network of supply security in Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin, xian, wuhan, chengdu, shenzhen, nanchang, fuzhou, Harbin, guiyang and other central cities have 31 enterprises directly under, with chinalco, daye special steel, jinchuan group, treasure titanium group, dalian machine tool, and other large domestic enterprises to establish a close strategic cooperative relations, in the aviation industry has 61 of supplier's factory agent's room, covered with steel, aluminum alloy, non-ferrous metal, electronics, instrumentation, mechanical equipment, large forgings, petroleum chemical industry, rubber, fire control and other industries, in the core logistics node city built seven logistics park, formed to a company's headquarters, branch in marketing, in supplier agent's room, the improvement of the logistics park as the pivot operation system.

      Company brings together a group of the aviation materials procurement, complete sets of large transport, logistics park planning operations, integrated logistics solution design and implementation in various fields such as technocrat.

      In the new period, in Two melting,Sanxin,Fivehua,Onetrillion"Development strategy under the guidance,the company vigorously carry forward the "beyond the lead New state"culture, is committed to focus on high-end manufacturing, aviation, military industry and radiation to" purchasing specialization, regionalization service"as a strategic guidance, strengthen centralized purchasing, military transportation and online services and other professional capacity building, actively explore the supply chain integration service mode innovation, set up special transport capacity and supply system, overall planning and construction of efficient unified logistics platform in aviation industry, enhance core competitiveness, strive to build to become the industry's leading supply chain integration services, for avic strategic ambitions to cast new brilliance!

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