Tan Shi Financial Leasing (Shanghai)Co., Ltd.

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      Tan Shi Financial Leasing (Shanghai)Co., Ltd. founded in 2014, the Department of Sino foreign joint venture specialized in financing and leasing business of professional firms, by CRL Financing Leasing Co., Ltd. and Tanshi Asset Management(Shanghahi) Co., Ltd. to jointly invest to set up, registered capital $50000. TanShi financing leasing rely on the parent company of outstanding international reputation, strong business strength and global information network, and make full use of Beijing, Shanghai China economic, geopolitical advantage as strong financial, trade, information center and the national radiation ability oriented, in environmental protection, medical, printing, shipping, construction, industrial equipment, education the information network, and other basic areas of finance, trade, investment, consulting and other integrated industry service, creatively industrial and financial capital com., has formed its own characteristics in value-added resource organization capability and resource matching, the coordinated development of the characteristics of the enterprise operation advantage

      Tanshi financing leasing has a good professional, passionate team. The essence of education background and rich experience has laid a solid foundation for the team, the team of consultants and the controlling shareholder's strong support system provides a strong guarantee for the development of the team, as a new form of financial services, leasing companies only to establish a strong relationship with many other financial companies, is likely to continue to expand their business scope, the enterprise can obtain the considerable development, our company since its inception, well versed in the truth, in the current Chinese capital market is far from perfect, sources of funds over a single case, we actively explore financing channels, and with the rigorous mode of operation, excellent quality of service, has won the enterprise reputation, with the commercialization China financial industry continues to strengthen, more and more domestic banks will look back into the rental industry, our company and the Bank jointly designed a new lease mode, provide the perfect and effective financing service for customers.

      Tanshi financial leasing by providing a systematic, comprehensive, one-stop service, together with the growth of all customers and partners. We will make great efforts to establish itself as a value-added resources platform, to create the value of carrier, attract resources magnet and resource seeking goal, and strive to continuously stable for shareholders, employees and customers and partners to create value, and seek common prosperity.

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