Zhoushi Investment

Date:2015/4/21 18:06:40 ; Visits:

       Zhoushi Investment founded in 2014, Delta real assets is positioned to become China's best asset management and investors. Our core business including direct investment, supply chain finance, financing structure, asset management and wealth management, entrusted with the management of funds in more than 10 billion. 

       And Existing staff of more than 50 of the continent's real assets, in Hongkong, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Shenzhen and other places with subsidiaries or offices.

       Zhoushi Investment  by CRL Investment Group under the financial platform Tanshi capital and China the largest wealth management institutions – JP investment subordinate company Joyland assets jointly initiated the establishment. CRL Investment Group is China's largest road network transport group, the third largest storage management group and one of the largest supply chain management service providers.

       China's economic strength and its impact on the global economy continues to enhance, to provide us with a wealth of investment opportunities. Zhoushi Investment with in-depth understanding of the Chinese business environment and capital markets, as well as a domestic financial market experience and skills both high-quality team, for domestic and foreign investors provide a variety of investment products and services, for customers to create a superior return on investment.

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