About us

      TanShi Capital from the financial, logistics, energy and retail and other areas of business and management team jointly launched, In April 2012 was approved by the Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau. TanShi capital Is a management clear, operational norms, operational efficiency, internal control and strict professional investment management institutions and modern new financial services business 

      TanShi capital to focus on the consumer to upgrade, industrial upgrade and urbanization of the three major subjects of investment, covering new energy industry, tourism commercial real estate industry, service consumption, energy-saving emission reduction, logistics industry, culture, media and medical health multiple investment field, through an extensive network of resources, profound understanding industry, rich market experience, professional investment skills, and always serve the in China's economic strategic transformation and national enterprises to thrive. 

      We focus on investment in the mainland of China engaged in production and business activities of enterprises, in the selection process, through in-depth study of China's economic development, identified three major investment themes. But we are not limited to the field of investment. With the development of economy and the change of the society, and our own experience and the accumulation of resources, we can gradually expand and adjust the scope of investment.

      TanShi capital is the main shareholder industrial investors, including CRL Investment Group - CRL International Leasing (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Chinese News Culture Association and the Chinese CBRC published "rural finance" magazine management agency –Small and medium-sized rural financial institutions development alliance business entities Exchange Bank Advisory

      The major shareholders of the company in the logistics industry investment and operations, retail department stores and real estate development and financial services and other areas of outstanding business performance. 

      TanShi capital as financial services platform, with financial bills asset management service license, and has investment in the field of commercial banks, security companies and small loan company diversified finance. TanShi capital under management of financial assets of more than 20 billion Yuan, non-financial asset management of more than 6 billion yuan .

       TanShi capital and CRL Investment Group set up the first domestic industrial Finance Leasing Company involved in the automotive manufacturing industry supply management services in 2014. Also is Jiangsu, Shandong and Chongqing launched a focus on trade flows, trade flows and the field of urbanization, special leasing companies, services in the industry and local industrial development.